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Denny Leroux


1. Do The Natural Thing

2. Please Don't Smile

3. Woman With The Esp

4. She Can Scratch My Back

5. Lookin' Around

6. Please Leave Me

7. Right There In Their Eyes

8. Get Respect

9. You Liar You

10. I Like It A Lot

11. Take What You Want

12. It's Too Late For You

13. Make You Smile

14. Stranger In Your Eyes

15. Snake, Big John & Me

Denny Leroux
By Request

By Request

1. Hey Baby

2. He Will Break Your Heart

3. The Wind

4. My Girl Josephine And Ya Ya

5. I Did It For The Money

6. That's The Way Love Is

7. Don't Let Me Fall

8. Wake Up Little Suzie

9. Rockin Robin

10. Goodnight My Love

Denny Leroux
Speak Low When You Speak Love

Speak Low When You Speak Love

1. You Go To My Head

2. Isn't It Romantic

3. Speak Low

4. When I Fall In Love

5. The Very Thought Of You

6. That's All

7. More Than You Know

8. Where Or When

Denny Leroux

Denny Leroux - Easy

1. Easy

2. I'm The Doctor

3. It Ain't Really Mine

4. Blues On Fire

5. Better At Hello

6. Another Night Of Missing You

7. Are We Goin' Somewhere

8. Stay Gone

9. Jealousy

Mack Evans
Pawn Shop Guitar

Mack Evans - Pawn Shop Guitar

1. Alcohol Dance

2. Pay The Devil

3. Pawn Shop Guitar

4. Angelita

5. Revelator

6. Bulldog

7. Still On Fire

8. Duval & Main

9. Southern Rock

10. Big Bill

11. Walkin Blues

12. Ain't Doin' Too Bad

Mack Evans

Mack Evans - Lowdown

1. My Big Mama

2. Elvis When He Was Elvis

3. Red Guitar

4. Big Road Blues

5. Lowdown

6. Paducah Belle

7. When Scotty Moore Played

8. Three Between The Sheets

9. Wrong

10. Lightin' & Blind Boy

11. Shakespeer

12. TV Mama

13. Cotton Mouth Moccasin

Terry Campbell
Long Way Home

By Request

1. Hair of the Dog

2. On A Night Like This

3. Long Way Home

4. What I Want From You

5. Tombstone For Your Head

6. Over and Through

7. Mississippi River

8. Beautiful Lady

9. Sun & Moon

10. Lovin The Sin I'm In