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Alcohol Dance

Artist: Mack Evans
Mini-history of the blues, deep male vocal and great harmonica.


Artist: Mack Evans
Deep bass male vocal, great classic blues guitar, but it's all about the girl.

Banjo Play A Song For Me

Artist: Alan Dalton
Bluegrass Banjo lives on.

Big Bill

Artist: Mack Evans
Ode to blues icon Big Bill Broonzy, male bass vocal, guitars, harmonica.

Big Road Blues

Artist: Mack Evans
Unusual off beat rhythm track and classic story blues.


Artist: Mack Evans
Rolling, down-home instrumental with guitar and percussion.

Cowboy In The Mirror

Artist: Neil Dixon
Where did the young cowboy go?

Don't Let Go

Artist: Destiny Guerra
Ballad female singer. Where you are is where I want to be.

Down The Line

Artist: Neil Dixon
Must Have done something right somewhere down the line.

Duval And Main

Artist: Mack Evans
"Walked up Duval. turned down Main, lookin' for the man who sells cocaine...". Male bass vocal, harmonica, uptempo rolling beat.

Jesus Plays Golf

Artist: Neil Dixon
Great Americana. Playing golf with Jesus (guess who wins).

Last Free Train Ride

Artist: Neil Dixon
Train To other side. Get ready to ride.

Lightin' & Blind Boy

Artist: Mack Evans
Unusual story song about an unusual pair, uptempo rolling, intense guitars and male bass vocal.

Milk And Honey

Artist: Debby Rider
Fiddle and accoustic rythm section female vocal.

My Big Mama

Artist: Mack Evans
"She won't shake it when your money's gone " Blues picking and story at its finest. High play on Pandora and Sirius radio.

Paducah Belle

Artist: Mack Evans
Old-timey National steel instrumental.

Pawnshop Guitar

Artist: Mack Evans
Ode to that special one "cause nothing plays the blues like a pawnshop guitar". Up tempo, male bass vocal.

Pay The Devil

Artist: Mack Evans
And he's always gonna get his... slow and bluesy Delta tune. male bass vocal.

Red Guitar

Artist: Mack Evans
True story of old blues man and his red guitar. Male bass vocal.


Artist: Mack Evans
"All you fallen angels, you better beware..." Dark gospel-inspired thunderclap of a song, with deep bass male vocal and strong background vocals,and the added bonus of banjo-picking and harmonica-blowing at its best.

Still On Fire

Artist: Mack Evans
Uptempo, old style bluesy story song about a man who's "sill on fire". Male bass vocal, strong chorus and background vocals.


Artist: Mack Evans
Remember Lola who "walked like a woman and talked like a man.."? Story of being a little unsure at closing time. Upbeat high energy, male bass vocal, guitars and harmonica.

Ty And Me

Artist: Neil Dixon
Guitar and Harmonica great ambient feel good track.

Walkin Blues

Artist: Mack Evans
Uptempo rocking style, male bass vocal, guitars, harmonica. "When you point it at the ceiling, that guitar feels like a gun".

Water Moccasin Blues

Artist: Mack Evans
Down in the swamp deep roots blues...with a snake.

Whose Little Dog Are You?

Artist: Denny Leroux
Happy bluegrass about a neighborhood roamer.