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Bombay Chase

High energy instrumental with sax and Indian instruments.

China KD

Chinese instruments, dark mysterious vibe instrumental.

Dans World

Artist: Dan Smith & Johnny Flood
Middle eastern oud and reeds.

Floating Oasis

Arabic groove with flute instrumental, medium tempo.

Heart Of Poland

Artist: Bill Prince
Circa 1938 a Polish partisan song with real instruments of the period.

Najmah Sax

Middle Eastern instruments with hot sax solos. Medium tempo.

Najmah Vox

Middle Eastern instruments with strange howling vocals building up and up.

Oasis Woman

Lonely desert sounds with haunting female vocal, no words, instrumental Arabic sounds.

Until Tomorrow (Instr)

Mexican Ranchero Folk instrumental. Traditional style Spanish guitar.

Until Tomorrow (Vocal)

Mexican Ranchero Folk with make vocal in Spanish. Traditional style.