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All Come Home Again

Artist: Denny Leroux
Great R&B hook and guitars.

Crooked Line

Artist: JR Roberts
Great Track with Male Vocal and great Background Voices.

Down & Dirty In Memphis

Jazzy male bass vocal with guitar and horns.

Hole In My Heart

Medium tempo ballad, male soul vocal.

It's To Late For You

Artist: Denny Leroux
Great old school song.

Lookin' Around

Artist: Mack McMorries
Old School funky ballad.

Love Like A River

Soulful gritty male vocal, slow tempo, timeless style.


Sexy lyric, deep bass male vocal, slow tempo.

Three Between The Sheets

Sexy slow ballad on the theme of menage a trois, deep bass male vocal.

Two Hearts

Male vocal ballad with harmonies.