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Do The Natural Thing

Classic 80s.

Finger On It

Artist: Denny Leroux
R&B with horns remembering an old love.

How Dare You

Angry punkish song with large vocal chorus.

I Did It For The Money

Classic R&B with male vocal, horn section featured, fun lyric.

I Like It A Lot

Classic rock uptempo, high energy male vocal.

Music Man, Magic Man

Rocking guitar and high energy male vocal.

Please Leave Me

Artist: Denny Leroux
80s funky dance track with disco vibe, female backgrounds.

Right There In Their Eyes

Uptempo with guitar and male vocal.

Take Me Upstairs (80s)

Artist: Denny Leroux
Pointer Sisters type with Male Vocal.

Take What You Want

Rocking with male vocal, great breakdowns. high energy.