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Be Good To Your Body

Fun, up tempo for exercise.

Bottle In The Sea

Sweet ballad about sending a message in a bottle. Guitar & male vocal.

Don't Talk About My Cat

6 year old boy sings about his cat. Awesome!

Fair With You

What does it mean to be fair? Sweet melody & lyric, female vocals with harmonies.

Friend Indeed

Fun Dixeland style song about how to be a friend with heartfelt female vocal, great horn section.

I Need A Night Light

Every kid knows about the monster under the bed.

Jumpin' Jax

Fun up tempo for exercise.

The Courage You Need

Sweet ballad about how "to be brave in a scary situation." Male vocal with guitar featured.

The Kiwi Berry

Fun, up tempo male vocal with island sounds.

Whose Little Dog Are You?

Upbeat fun song about a little neighborhood canine roamer with male vocal, guitar, banjo, bass and drums.