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Big Bill

Ode to blues icon Big Bill Broonzy, male bass vocal, guitars, harmonica

Author: Denny Leroux
Artist Mack Evans
Master Owner:

Red Guitar

True story of old blues man and his red guitar. Male bass vocal  Artist Mack Evans

Whose Little Dog Are You ?

Happy bluegrass about a neighborhood roamer  Artist Denny Leroux


Deep bass male vocal, great classic blues guitar, but it's all about the girl  Artist Mack Evans

Alcohol Dance

Mini-history of the blues, deep male vocal and great harmonica  Artist Mack Evans

Water Moccasin Blues

Down in the swamp deep roots blues...with a snake  Artist Mack Evans

My Big Mama

"She won't shake it when your money's gone " Blues picking and story at its finest. High play on Pandora and Sirius radio  Artist Mack Evans

Paducah Belle

Old-timey National steel instrumental  Artist Mack Evans

Big Road Blues

Unusual off beat rhythm track and classic story blues  Artist Mack Evans

Pay The Devil

And he's always gonna get his... slow and bluesy Delta tune. male bass vocal  Artist Mack Evans


"All you fallen angels, you better beware..." Dark gospel-inspired thunderclap of a song, with deep bass male vocal and strong background vocals,and the added bonus of banjo-picking and harmonica-blowing at its best  Artist Mack Evans

Pawnshop Guitar

Ode to that special one  "cause nothing plays the blues like a pawnshop guitar"  Up tempo, male bass vocal.  Artist Mack Evans


Rolling, down-home instrumental with guitar and percussion  Artist Mack Evans

Still On Fire

Uptempo, old style bluesy story song about a man who's "sill on fire"  Male bass vocal, strong chorus and background vocals  Artist Mack Evans

Duval And Main

"Walked up Duval. turned down Main, lookin' for the man who sells cocaine..."  Male bass vocal, harmonica, uptempo rolling beat  Artist Mack Evans

Walkin Blues

Uptempo rocking style, male bass vocal, guitars, harmonica.  "When you point it at the ceiling, that guitar feels like a gun...:   Artist Mack Evans

Ain't Doin Too Bad

Bluesy style, male bass vocal and he ain't doing too bad.  Electric guitar, harmonica. Artist Mack Evans

Lightin' & Blind Boy

Unusual story song about an unusual pair, uptempo rolling,  intense guitars and male bass vocal  Artist Mack Evans


Remember Lola who "walked like a woman and talked like a man.."? Story of being a little unsure at closing time. Upbeat high energy, male bass vocal, guitars and harmonica Artist Mack Evans

Jesus Plays Golf

Great Americana Playing golf with Jesus (guess who wins)  Artist Neil Dixon


Bluegrass Banjo lives on  Artist Alan Dalton

Last Free Train Ride

Train To other side   Get ready to ride  Artist Neil Dixon

Cowboy In The Mirror

Where did the young cowboy go ?  Artist Nei Dixon

Down The line

Must Have done something right somewhere down the line  Artist Neil Dixon

Ty And Me

Guitar and Harmonica great ambient feel good track  Artist Neil Dixon

Don't Let Go

Ballad Female singer Where you are  is where I want to be  (Artist  Destiny Guerra)

Milk And Honey

Fiddle and accoustic rythm section female vocal  Artist Debby Rider