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1890 - 1920 Vocal

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Daisy's Dock

Inspired by "The Great Gatsby" circa 1920 upbeat style with bass male vocal and authentic instruments of the period.

True To You

1920's flapper sings... Upbeat with female vocals and authentic stylings and instruments

True To You

Up tempo circa 1920's fun,  male vocal.   Authentic period stylings and instruments

Take Me Down

Hit the road in 1920 with this upbeat tune with vocal a la Eddie Cantor.  Authentic period stylings, instruments and the occasional "oogah" Model T horn.

Whiskey And Me

A rowdy drunken group sings their anthem, circa 1900, authentic period stylings, instruments and lack of crowd control.

Turn Of The Century

Rough whiskey voiced male vocal 3/4 time with humour!

Keep Your Head Above Water

Upbeat male vocal circa 1900, authentic period stylings and instruments.

Girl Of My Dreams

Happy waltz about the one special girl, male vocal, authentic period stylings and instruments.

Love Anew

Love ballad to "sweet Caroline" with male vocal harmonies and banjo circa 1890

Ain't Afraid Of Nothin

Her baby "ain't afraid of nothin'" Upbeat Dixieland style with great female vocal harmonies.

My Chosen 1

Forbidden love Victorian style, female vocal with piano and violin all authentic to the period.

My Chosen 2

Forbidden love Victorian style with vocal a la Marlene Dietrich.  Authentic period instruments.